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Established in 2006, W&K Enterprise is owned by Terry Kelly, who has over forty years experience in industrial services. For over a decade, W&K Enterprise has offered water blasting, sand blasting, vacuum excavation, coatings, and other industrial cleaning services. Our goal is to satisfy and complete the needs of our customers and to ensure the job gets done while working safely.




All estimates are free and flexible according to services and scheduling.

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Our experienced staff is trained to work in demanding industrial environments including hydroelectric, coal fired, gas fired, paper mills, chemical manufacturing, and other industries. 


We understand that safety is critical to you; it is to us as well. We are experienced in lockout – tagout (LOTO) procedures, confined space work, Powersafe training, proper PPE use, and fall protection precautions. Ensuring the safety of our staff and your employees is paramount to everything we do.

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We have contracted W&K Enterprises for over 10 years to perform cleaning and other outage functions in support of critical inspections. They have worked with us throughout the entire country from coast to coast and have persevered through many challenges. Always, without exception, they have found the means to accomplish any task for which we depended on them. They have overcome all obstacles to complete projects in a timely manner. Unlike many others, they come through with results, not excuses. Without hesitation, I recommend them for any project within their capability.
— Alan Parr, President Nova Data Testing

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